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SCDOT Press Releases

Feb 27
Traffic signal on Two Notch Road in Richland County to be Removed

The South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) plans to remove a traffic signal on Two Notch Road in Richland County due to results of a traffic study showing low traffic volumes.

The signal is located at a closed Kmart store on Two Notch Road, between the intersections of Two Notch Road at Decker Boulevard/Parklane Road and Two Notch Road at O'Neil Court. The traffic study was done based on a request from a citizen as well as changing traffic volumes due to closure of the Kmart. 

The removal of the traffic signal will be done in phases: 

March 1 – Signs advising public of pending conversion.

March 14 –Signal heads with yellow flash are displayed to Two Notch Road traffic and red flash displayed to the Kmart drive.

April 13 (approximately) – Signal is turned off.





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