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SCDOT Press Releases

Oct 06
Secretary of Transportation Christy A. Hall’s Statement Regarding the US 278 Project In Beaufort County

​"The South Carolina Department of Transportation is serving as the project manager for the Beaufort County – SC State Infrastructure Bank – SCDOT funded US 278 corridor improvement project.   


This is a much-needed project for the region and should be designed in a way that fits in properly with the needs of the community.  We recognize that the look and feel of highway corridors are analogous to the front porch of a home and can at times define communities. 


While we responded to yesterday's media inquiries with a statutorily correct response, it did not properly convey our commitment to ensuring robust engagement and meaningful collaboration with the local governments on this very important project.   Of course, the Town has a seat at the table with regards to the design of the project.   


It is imperative that we all work together to design and build this project the right way, with reasonable accommodations made pending funding availability through our local government partners.   


Accordingly, I am calling upon the Town of Hilton Head and Beaufort County to come together on this project, along with SCDOT, in order to continue to refine the scope of work on this project in a collaborative manner for the benefit of the people we all serve." 


---South Carolina Secretary of Transportation Christy A. Hall



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