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GIS Mapping

 If your city is not listed, please try looking on the map of an adjacent city or use the search box above.
Metro area maps contain multiple sheets in one file. Scroll down to view all sheets.
City Maps of Greenwood County
Map Description File Type Modified File Size
Boyds Mill City pdf 9/29/2017  3 MB
Bradley City pdf 2/26/2018  1 MB
Cokesbury City pdf 9/29/2017  3 MB
Coronaca City pdf 9/29/2017  1 MB
Greenwood City pdf 9/29/2017  8 MB
Greenwood Shores City pdf 11/1/2017  2 MB
Hodges City pdf 11/2/2017  3 MB
Lake Shores City pdf 10/26/2017  9 MB
Ninety Six City pdf 10/26/2017  9 MB
Pinehurst City pdf 2/20/2018  1 MB
Troy City pdf 11/2/2017  1 MB
Ware Shoals City pdf 10/23/2017  324 KB