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Signature of Authorization Form

The purpose of the signature authorization form, is to identify individuals within your agency, who are authorized to prepare and/or approve reimbursement requests as well as those individuals who are authorized to sign SCDOT Office of Public Transit contractual agreements on behalf of your agency. The information contained herein should be updated whenever staffing changes occur within your agency.

If your agency has not previously registered for authorization with the SCDOT's Office of Public Transit (OPT),

If you are a member of SCDOT's Office of Public Transit and need to login to review submitted requests for authorization, click here to login. For instructions on how to login to the system, click here.

Available Systems
If you have aleady completed the authorization process and obtained your credentials, you have the opportunity to access one of the following sites:

Change your password
If you wish to change your password, please click here to go to our Password Reset Portal. This site will guide you through the steps to reset your password.