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Consultants/Professional Services

The Professional Services Contracting Office was established to provide guidance in acquisition of architectural and engineering (A&E) and other professional services in support of the construction, maintenance, and repair of bridges, highways and roads. Its serves as the cradle to grave point of contact for all professional services contracting actions to include: solicitations, selection, negotiation, execution, invoicing, performance evaluation, and records management.

In addition to the information provided here, the South Carolina Business Opportunities (SCBO) publication is available at the MMO web site.

Monthly Reports

Open Professional Services Contracts

Beginning July 1, 2012, proposals from any A&E firm must utilize the new ProjectWise electronic proposal submission system . The following information describes the process that firms should follow to access the SCDOT ProjectWise environment for proposal submissions and their respective project data using the new system.

    Active Inactive All
    Solicitation NumberProject DescriptionProject
    TypeStatusRFPRespondentsSelectedMore Info
    I-002-17This is not a selection, but rather an inquiry for Letters of Interest from experienced researchers interest in providing research assistance to improve SCDOT's design-build delivery method.Revised Inquiry For Letters Of Interest12/02/16Project SpecificAwarded
    I-003-18SCDOT Small Purchase Program12/05/17Small PurchaseAdvertise
    S-119-14Safety Engineering Services11/21/13On CallAwarded
    S-120-14Bridge Design Services12/12/13On CallAwarded
    S-121-14Roadway Design Intersection Improvement12/16/13On CallAwarded
    S-122-14Transportation Alternative Design Engineering12/12/13On CallAwarded
    S-123-14Interstate Rehabilitation Engineering12/16/13On CallAwarded
    S-124-14Design Build Preparation Engineering Services11/21/13On CallAwarded
    S-125-14Steel and Concrete Inspection Services11/21/13On CallAwarded
    S-126-14Traffic Signal Systems12/19/13On CallAwarded
    S-127-14Envirnonmental Construction and Support Service12/12/13On CallAwarded
    S-128-14US 321 Bridge Replacement over Allison Creek and S-46-654 Bridge Replacement over Burgis Creek01/16/14Project SpecificAwarded
    S-129-14Lead Based Paint Abatement02/06/14On CallAwarded
    S-130-14US 21 Harbor River Bridge Replacement Preliminary Studies01/16/14Project SpecificAwarded
    S-131-14I-20 and 26 and 126 Corridor Improvement Project02/27/14Project SpecificAwarded
    S-132-14Interstate 85 and 385 Interchange Improvement CEI03/13/14Project SpecificAwarded
    S-133-14Noise Analysis05/29/14On CallAwarded
    S-134-14NEPA and Permitting Services05/29/14On CallAwarded
    S-135-14S-26-15 Bridge Replacement over Withers Swash in Horry County03/10/14Project SpecificAwarded
    S-136-14S-136-14 - US 401 Bridge Replacements over Lake Swamp, Jefferies Creek, and High Hill Creek03/13/14Project SpecificAwarded
    S-137-14Subsurface Utlility Engineering Services08/18/14On CallAwarded
    S-138-14Photogrammetric Services07/31/14On CallAwarded
    S-139-14SC 823 Bridge Replacement over Little River McCormick County05/01/14Project SpecificAwarded
    S-140-14Environmental Services06/12/14Small PurchaseAwarded
    S-141-14I-85 Widening Project MM 80 to MM 9605/22/14Project SpecificAwarded
    S-142-14SC 85 Bridge Replacements05/29/14Project SpecificAwarded
    S-143-14I-20 I-26 I-77 Corridor Management Plan07/24/14Project SpecificAwarded
    S-144-14I-85 Widening MM 96 to MM 10608/28/14Project SpecificAwarded
    S-145-14I-26 to I-526 Interchange Improvement Widening 526 from Rivers Avenue to Leeds Avenue10/02/14Project SpecificAwarded
    S-146-14Transportation Asset Management Plan06/16/14Project SpecificAwarded
    S-147-14Geotechnical Engineering Services08/18/14On CallAwarded
    S-148-14I-85 at SC-290 Interchange08/21/14Project SpecificAwarded
    S-149-14I-85 at Pelham Road09/04/14Project SpecificAwarded
    S-150-14I-85 and US 276 Woodruff Road and White Horse Road08/11/14Project SpecificAwarded
    S-151-14I-85 Rehabilitation Project MM 77 to MM 8407/31/14Project SpecificAwarded
    S-152-14I-73 Traffic and Revenue Study07/31/14Project SpecificAwarded
    S-153-15Underwater Bridge Inspection No. 2412/18/14Project SpecificAwarded
    S-154-15On Call Construction Engineering & Inspection (CE&I) ServicesRFP Cancellation Notification See More Information02/19/15On CallCancelled
    S-155-15US 17 Business Access Management Project12/11/14Project SpecificAwarded
    S-156-15US 76 Bridge Over Lynches River01/29/15Project SpecificAwarded
    S-157-15US 1 Bridge Replacements Over SCL RailroadDue Date Extended to March 2, 201501/29/15Project SpecificAwarded
    S-158-15US 1 Bridge Replacement over Black Creek and Little Alligator Creek01/29/15Project SpecificAwarded
    S-159-15On Call Structure Foundation Testing Services PDA04/23/15On CallAwarded
    S-160-15US 1 Bridge Replacement Over South Edisto River in Aiken County03/12/15Project SpecificAwarded
    S-161-15I-85 Corridor Management Plan04/23/15Project SpecificAwarded
    S-162-15I-26 Corridor Management Plan Berkeley and Charleston CountiesRFP Cancellation Notification See More Information04/29/15Project SpecificCancelled
    S-163-15I-26 and US 21 (Exit119) Interchange ImprovementsRFP Notification Alert 8/18/15 See RFP and More Information07/20/15Project SpecificAwarded
    S-164-15S-107 Alligator Road Widening in Florence CountyRFP Notification Alert 8/18/15 See RFP and More Information07/20/15Project SpecificAwarded
    S-165-15CE&I US Route 701 Bridge ReplacementRFP Notification Alert 8/18/15 See RFP and More Information08/05/15Project SpecificAwarded
    S-166-15I-85 Park and Ride and Truck ParkingSCDOT will readvertise under S-170-16 on October 28, 201508/21/15Project SpecificCancelled
    S-167-15On Call Construction Engineering and Inspection ServicesRFP Notification Amendment 108/21/15On CallAwarded
    S-168-15I-26 Corridor Management Plan08/21/15Project SpecificAwarded
    S-169-16Construction Enginering and Inspection for District 4 Bridge Replacements Package E01/08/16Project SpecificAwarded
    S-170-16I-85 Park and Ride and Truck ParkingRFP Notification Amendment 110/28/15Project SpecificAwarded
    S-171-16SC 555 Over SCL Railroad12/16/15Project SpecificAwarded
    S-172-16I-20 Widening from MM 49 to MM 60 CE&I Lexington12/16/15Project SpecificAwarded
    S-173-16Port Access Road Construction Engineering & Inspection02/22/16Project SpecificAwarded
    S-174-16Woodruff Road Parallel05/12/16Project SpecificAwarded
    S-175-16I-26 Widening MM 85 to MM 10103/23/16Project SpecificAwarded
    S-176-16On Call CE&I SCDOT Hot Mix Asphalt Verification Mobile Lab Services03/30/16On CallAwarded
    S-177-16District 1 Interstate Preservation CE&I ServicesRFP Notification Amendment 105/04/16Project SpecificAwarded
    S-178-16Railroad Highway Grade Crossing Project05/04/16Project SpecificAwarded
    S-179-16SC 68 Widening CE&I Services in Hampton County05/04/16Project SpecificAwarded
    S-180-16US 21 Bridge Replacement Over Congaree Creek05/12/16Project SpecificAwarded
    S-182-16CE&I Services for the SC 51 Pamplico Highway Widening Projects, Section 1 through 4 in Florence CountyImportant Clarification07/13/16Project SpecificAwarded
    S-183-17Country Club Road Corridor ProjectDue Date Extended to October 18, 201609/08/16Project SpecificAwarded
    S-184-17CE&I Services for the Interstate 85 Reconstruction and Widening Project from MM 77 to MM 98RFP Notification Amendment 109/08/16Project SpecificAwarded
    S-185-17I-26 Reconstruction in Dorchester and Orangeburg Counties01/03/17Project SpecificAwarded
    S-186-17I-526 Widening Phase II I-26 to US 17RFP Notification Amendement 101/03/17Project SpecificAwarded
    S-187-17Four Bridge ReplacementsRFP Notification Amendment 101/03/17Project SpecificAwarded
    S-188-17On Call Construction Engineering & Inspection ServicesNotification of Extension; Notification of Amended RFP05/12/17On CallAwarded
    S-189-17On Call Bridge Design Engineering ServicesNotification 1 - Revised RFP02/27/17On CallAwarded
    S-190-17CE&I Services for Interstate 26 Volvo Interchange10/25/16Project SpecificAwarded
    S-191-17On Call Bridge Inspection/Evaluation Engineering ServicesNotification 4: Additional Questions, and previous Notifications02/21/17On CallAwarded
    S-192-17On Call Design Build Support Engineering ServicesNotification 1 - RFP Letter of Interest Question02/27/17On CallAwarded
    S-193-17On Call Roadway Design and Intersection Improvements and Interstate Reconstruction Engineering ServicesNotification 1 - Revised RFP02/27/17On CallAwarded
    S-194-17On Call Transportation Alternatives Design Engineering ServicesNotification 1 - Revised RFP02/27/17On CallAwarded
    S-195-17On Call Traffic Safety Engineering ServicesNotification of Extension; Notification of Amended RFP05/12/17On CallAwarded
    S-196-17On-Call Inspection & Testing Services of Prestressed/Precast Concrete Materials & Related Items06/29/17On CallAwarded
    S-197-17On-Call Inspection of Structural Steel and Signs and Related Items06/29/17On CallAwarded
    S-198-17S-198-17 CE&I Service for Road & Bridge Construction in Greenville and Pickens Counties02/27/17Project SpecificAwarded
    S-200-17Horry County RIDE III Program Utility Coordination, SUE and Utility Relocation CoordinationNotification 1 To amend Project Manager and extend the due date04/17/17Project SpecificAwarded
    S-201-17Horry County RIDE III SC 9 WideningNotification 1 To amend Project Manager and extend the due date04/17/17Project SpecificAwarded
    S-202-17Horry County RIDE III US 701 North Widening from SC 319 to SC 22Notification 2 To amend Project Manager and extend the due date04/17/17Project SpecificAwarded
    S-203-17I-26 Widening (Exit 187 to Exit 194)RFP Amendment Notification #1 & RFP update04/28/17Project SpecificAwarded
    S-204-17Replacement of Five (5) Bridges on I-20 in Aiken CountySIA sheets provided; Notification of Extension; Notification of Amended RFP05/09/17Project SpecificAwarded
    S-205-17On-Call Environmental Construction Compliance and Support Services06/26/17On CallAwarded
    S-206-17US 76 Bridge Replacement over US 601 & US 601 Bridge Replacement over Colonels Creek, and US 378 Bridge Replacement over Twelve Mile CreekNotification of Amended RFP and SIA Reports05/26/17Project SpecificAwarded
    S-207-17CE&I Services for Beaufort/Jasper County Construction OfficeNotification of due date extension06/29/17Project SpecificAwarded
    S-208-17I-95 South Bound over Bagshaw Swamp & I-95 South Bound over SC 46 (Jasper)SIA Reports; Notification 3 Amended RFP05/26/17Project SpecificAwarded
    S-209-17Two Bridge Replacement Packages US76 (Sumter County) and US1 (Kershaw County)SIA Reports; Notification 3 Amended RFP06/06/17Project SpecificAwarded
    S-210-17Engineering and CE&I Services for US 21 Bridge Replacement over Harbor RiverThis is a test06/06/17Project SpecificAwarded
    S-211-17SC 9 Feasibility Study - From SC 151 to SC 265 in Chesterfield County06/28/17Project SpecificAwarded
    S-215-17US 278 Corridor Improvements07/06/17Project SpecificAwarded
    S-216-17Blossom Street (US 21 Connector) Bridge Replacement over Southern and SCL Railroad; MP 0.193 - Richland County10/16/17Project SpecificAwarded
    S-217-18On-Call Traffic Signal Design Services01/02/18On CallAwarded
    S-219-18Horry County Ride III Transportation Projects Package08/15/17Project SpecificAwarded
    S-220-18On-Call Surveying ServicesNotification-Due Date Extension11/14/17On CallAwarded
    S-221-18Project 1: US 1 Bridge Replacement over Big Horse Creek in Aiken County & Project 2: US 1 Bridge Replacement over Shaws Creek in Aiken CountyNotification 1 - SIA Report03/12/18Project SpecificCommittee
    S-222-18I-126 Bridge Replacement over SCL RailroadNotification 1 - SIA Report10/26/17Project SpecificAwarded
    S-223-18On-Call Photogrammetric Services11/14/17On CallAwarded
    S-224-18On Call Utility Coordination ServicesNotification 1 - Due Date Extension11/16/17On CallAwarded
    S-225-18On Call Geotechnical Engineering Services11/28/17On CallAwarded
    S-226-18CE&I Services for the I-85 Widening MM 98 to MM 106 Design Build ProjectNotification 1 - Question and Answer12/21/17Project SpecificAwarded
    S-227-18US 76 WB Bridge Replacement over Wateree River in Sumter CountyNotification #1 - SIA Report01/10/18Project SpecificCommittee
    S-228-18US 17 Bridge Replacements (2) over Edisto River in Charleston and Colleton Counties01/10/18Project SpecificAwarded
    S-229-18SC 160 / I-77 Interchange Reconfiguration in York CountyNotification 1- SIA Report02/20/18Project SpecificCommittee
    S-230-18US 176 Bridge Replacement over SCL RailroadNotification 1 - SIA Report02/26/18Project SpecificCommittee
    S-231-18Underwater Bridge Inspection No 2502/22/18Project SpecificCommittee
    S-232-18On-Call Environmental NEPA and Permitting Services03/12/18On CallCommittee
    S-233-18On Call Subsurface Utility Engineering Services (SUE)04/03/18On CallAdvertise
    S-234-18On Call Pavement Design, Evaluation and Investigation Engineering Services03/14/18On CallCommittee
    S-235-18SC 72 Bridge Replacement over CSX Railroad in Newberry CountyNotification 1 - SIA Report04/03/18Project SpecificAdvertise